4 Tips to Make Your Child Accustomed to Snorkelling

Making an inexperienced adult skilled to dive is easy, whereas teaching kids the same could be a daunting task. Most parents want their child to excel with diving skills and while on vacation, snorkelling could be a unique way to grab a child’s attention and keep them engaged. Before teaching them how to snorkel, explain what they could explore underwater. Furthermore, make them aware of the marine life to get the motivation to hold onto the diving skills. So, do you have any plan to introduce your kids to snorkelling? If not yet, here is the guide to introduce your kids to the snorkelling.

  1. Introduce your kids to snorkelling early: Make your child familiar with snorkelling a long before. There are a number of advanced techniques that you may know upon searching online and would be helpful for your child in adulthood. Well, when your children are old enough and comfortable, you may teach those advanced lessons with snorkelling equipment. Whether they are in bathtub or pool, allow them to get accustomed with the snorkel mask. As soon as they feel comfortable with their snorkel set, they are ready to dive the ocean.
  2. Get the snorkel mask: While selecting the best full face snorkel mask in Australia, make sure to clear the lenses before going underwater. There is a film on the mask that fog glasses quickly, if not cleaned off at the beginning. Well, the mask is no doubt the first thing that your kids would start wearing. Initially, it is difficult for the children to learn breathing from the mouth and not to breathe through the noise. As children are excited ones to see the underwater activities, goggles are the first thing they like to use. Even, the snorkel mask comes with adjustment to prevent inhalation of water, while snorkelling.
  3. Make kids comfortable upon wearing the mask: Find if the mask is ill-fitting for your children and adjust them accordingly. Kids wouldn’t find it comfortable it if the water leaks into the glass or the mask do not fit well. Hence, pick a snorkel set that is perfect to fit them while preventing leakage. Well, silicon masks are proven for the best fit providing a tighter seal than the plastic material. Combing hair backwards creates the space to fit the snorkel mask tightly. Don’t forget to cover the hair with a cap that avoids tugging. However, it is a misconception that tighter the mask, better it fits. If the mask is not proper in size, tightening won’t work. Well, make sure the seal is secure without the straps and then use the strap to hold the mask in place.
  4. Take a step ahead: Kids, who are a bit older or already accustomed with the snorkel set, you can teach them how to clear their snorkel set. Even, fins are what elder kids feel okay to wear to get the added kick while diving. Kids snorkel set in Australia that comes with mask, fin and gear, help kids to navigate under the pool easily.

Lastly, pamper your kids showing other motivated snorkelers around. Let your child aware of the good and bad experiences people come across and not to repeat the mistake while diving.