5 Super Effective Ways of Winning Movie Online

Do you desire to simply surf the net one day and get showered upon with amazing goodies and prizes without any efforts? Well, no more will your desires go unfulfilled as the booming online world is turning dreams into reality! Sounds fancy enough, right? What started off as a vague experiment to garner public attention has become the e-buzzword today! Yes, this article talks about the ever growing and rising online contests industry, which is attracting millions of followers every single day!

The core reasons for their massive popularity are the convenience, lucrative prizes, ease of playing and wide accessibility attributes, which are a sight less seen in their counterparts. Moreover, the variety of prizes that can be won is one big reason for this trend catching up with net users like wild fire! Yet, these e-challenges are posed with numerous allegations of being fake, which in turn stops many people from taking advantage of these contests. For all those, small budget and more believable prizes seem like a good deal!

For instance, chance to win movie tickets online is a very popular contest wherein, one can win tickets for the latest flicks free of cost or after paying a small amount. Though there are several other web challenges that offer similar prizes, movie tickets seem to be the show stealer. To cash on the opportunity, below listed are some super fun and exciting types of online contests to win movie tickets. Read on to decide which one catches your attention and enter one as soon as possible!

Rate a film and write review– This type of contest has only recently caught public eye. In this, a person is supposed to rate the movie and write a review based on its trailer. The most interesting review gets free movie tickets! However, owing to the hassle of writing a review, not many people enter into these.

Point based contests– In this particular type of challenge; participants get points on each level. Person winning maximum points at the end of the contest can redeem those points for movie tickets or cash vouchers to buy tickets.

Card contests– Several renowned web portals conduct card based contests where the winner is awarded with a chance to win movie tickets of latest Bollywood and Hollywood releases.

Trivia related to the film offered– Perfect way of creating buzz about the upcoming movie amongst people, this is a super fun challenge. All you need is to answer questions related to the movie the tickets are being given out for. Person with maximum correct answers gets the tickets!

GK based quiz contest– One of the most reliable forms of online quiz contests, general knowledge based e-tests are loved by many. In this, participants are needed to answer few easy and simple questions related to basic current affairs. Many big portals charge a miniscule entry fee of around Rs10 or so for entering into contests to win tickets. Due to a bit of difficulty level, there is less competition and more chances of winning.

When you find it difficult to kill time or when your pocket tortures you, it is time to head towards these web challenges and win amazing goodies with a click!